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Discover all our toys: penises, accessories, anal, masturbators and inflatables

Discover all our toys: penises, accessories, anal, masturbators and inflatables

Give in to your deepest desires

Discover all we have for you in our “fetish” section. Enjoy the forbidden like never before. 

Do you take care of your toys?

If you can not do without sex toys, then you should take care of them.

So that you can enjoy them for a long time you have to perform a deep cleaning. lubrix toy cleaner is a hygienic disinfectant specially designed for the cleaning and care of erotic toys.

It is antimicrobial and has an antiviral and prophylactic effect with bacteria and fungal infections. Whether latex, rubber or metal, Lubrix Cleaner can be used with many types of materials.

Indicated for any type of material. Of universal application. It does his job in few seconds. Optimal dosage. Water soluble.

Are you allergic to latex?

If you are allergic to latex, or suspect that you can be, then don’t think about it anymore, and start using latex-free condoms!

Remember this allergy can be suffered by any member of the couple, so, if someone feels uncomfortable with a normal condom, you should change to the latex free condoms.

Remember that this allergy is more frequent than you think.

In addition, UNIQ SMART is specially designed to be put on before the erection, staying put almost without noticing it. The condom is ready when you are ready, without interrupting the passion.


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Doubts? FAQ

Do I need to have an account to buy?

No registration is required to make a purchase. Simply enter the information requested for the shipment in the shopping cart.

Is there any benefits in creating a user account?

Yes. You will get a discount of € 5 with your first purchase (amount over € 20) that you can redeem on your second purchase (amount over € 20) and you will benefit as a customer of the promotions and discounts we made. You can also benefit from the shopping points program when its available as well as exclusive content.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a minimum order of € 15 in products to be able to place the order.

Is it safe to put my card number?

It is 100% safe. We do not process or store any card number. Once you give the pay button the web will automatically send it to the protected and encrypted Bank page, which is where you will put the card information. Once added, the bank sends the payment request to the issuing bank of the card. Once the payment is made, the bank's website will send you back to our website.

What appears in my bank statement?

If you pay by credit or debit card, in the statement of your card or bank account the charge will appear with the name of Eroma. It will not indicate anything that could relate that the purchase was made in a Sex shop.

Can I pay with a bank wire?

Yes, you can pay by bank wire (transfer) using that option in the shopping cart.

Are the shipments discreet?

Our shipments are 100% discreet. The sender of the package does not appear in the shipments. The companies of transport and mail do not know the content of the packages. The packages do not have any external badge that indicates neither the origin nor the type of content of the package.

Are there free shipping?

Yes, shipments are free from 100€ purchase.

Do you have to pay customs in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla?

Yes. Orders to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla do not include customs charges in the price of the order, and will be paid by the customer at the destination.

Are shipments made outside of Spain?

Yes, to all the countries belonging to the European community.

What time does the transport go to make the delivery?

In the case of transport agencies, delivery times are Monday through Friday from 9-14h and from 16-19h. Within that schedule can happen at any time. Transportation agencies are the ones that decide what time they will be in the area that day. They plan daily the routes of the zones, depending on the deliveries and pickups of that day.

Will I receive any kind of advertising?

No, absolutely not. You will never receive any advertising that you have not requested, much less at your home.

Does the products have guarantee?

All products have the legally established guarantees in Spain and the European framework of 2 years. We are a legally established company so we offer security and all legal guarantees for your peace of mind.

What happens if a product does not work?

If you receive a product that does not work, do not worry. Get in touch with us and we will indicate the steps to follow so that we can replace it with another one like it. This process has no cost for you. The products with malfunction or defective is under warranty, which is for the same product. That is, you will be exchanged for an equal product, not for a different one.

Can I change or return a product?

Yes. You must contact us to indicate the procedure and shipping address. The shipment must be made within 15 calendar days after receiving the package. Only products that have not been used or handled may be returned, provided they are returned in their original packaging in perfect condition.

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